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The new muffler.

Well after getting the motor running, and then not running, and then running, and then not running, and now totally running, we turned our attention to the fact that you can't actually hear yourself think when it is running. There were quickly discovered several muffler related "deficiencies" which had to eventually be addressed...

The view from below.

This picture shows the state of the fire truck exhaust. As you can clearly see there's a mega-hole in the right side. In fact, it's safe to say that its completely blown apart. This was probably the backfire that ultimately destroyed the original carburetor I've blogged about before. Here's a better picture of the condition of the muffler system...

Well there's your problem!

As you can see it's a bit more than a duct tape problem to solve. I say "duct tape" as basically its the maximum mechanical effort I can contribute. So where does the team go to fix this problem? KBM in Lumby. The Maltman family have always been there for the community and this project was no exception.

Shawn got down to business working all day to literally create a new exhaust right down to the proper colors!

KBM in Lumby works miracles.

And to remind you what the exhaust looked like again....

She's dead Jim....

Once the new exhaust was back on, and after another round of polishing that Candace and I completed the truck began to look parade ready!

A very special thanks to Lordco in Lumby for donating the exhaust system for the project and for KBM to install it.

We decided to do a couple laps in the truck to get the vehicle fluids working through the engine as we began to hear some "ticks" and "clicks" that show us we've a bit more work to do.

We even decided to take the truck back "home" for a long overdue visit since it got back to Lumby.

Finally back home.

The smart viewer will notice all the work Mike has done on getting the lights back working again. She's looking redder for sure. We're even thinking we may make an appearance at the Vernon Winter Carnival Parade!

More fun news to follow!

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