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And we're BACK, Lumby Days!

Well since its been a lifetime since the last update (my fault) I wanted to catch everyone up on the fire truck and looking to the future. Time to start with the Vernon Winter Carnival 2019!

Winter Carnival

I have to first point out that the drive to Vernon in an open cab firetruck was cold. Very cold. The weather however was great and the response we got from the public was outstanding to say the least. The truck looked amazing and to think of the fact that it was a total engine rebuild in January, the team did one heck of a job!

The ride home consisted of another cold trip, a sleeping daughter, and a new Things were quickly showing us that the old girl had not stretched her legs that far in a very long time.

Lumby Days 2019

Lumby Days 2019! This was our official next showing, consisting of a loop in the local parade as well as a showcase in the "Show and Shine" portion of the event.

HOWEVER, the day of the show we decided to take her out for a fuel up and get her ready for the parade.....If I could play spooky foreshadowing music here I would...

Something else broke which is sort of vital to the whole truck...

70 year old starter motor

The starter motor sort of went "poof." Like totally fried. Mike did the old "hammer" method to get us back to the shop but we literally were only a few hours away from showtime and had no way to get the truck moving. We even considered towing it with a tractor. Things looked rough and as the photo above shows, it was a very old part.....

The next stage of the trip was a fast drive to Vernon to the starter motor shop to see if we could buy a new one.....yes I said "buy."

Once I asked about buying a new one I was literally laughed at. Being as dumb as a cob of corn I assumed you could just get a new one....well you can't.

The inside was worse than the outside....

$300 dollars later and a very very very fast overhaul, we got it back good as new!

Same starter, only this time it works!

We got the part back, and Mike did his magic, and Candace did hers and we looked great once again!

So what's next? Well we're going to have to get a proper gas tank on the truck. We're also going to try to get the water pump working again!

Thanks again for the support and we look forward to keeping you updated A LOT more going forward and I hope you all are having fun on this journey with us!

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