2019 has arrived! The next chapter begins

Santa Claus Parade 2018

Well we did it. After months of ups and downs the Lumby Fire Truck team, with the support of so many people and businesses in our community, we succeeded in driving the fire truck in the parade! It was emotional to say the least and for us to share this with all of you has been something we will never forget.

Now on to the next goal....and a few revelations.

Big revelation, it almost very much didn't happen.

Chief Clayton, retired Fire Fighters, and Mrs. Acton

Literally 24 hours before the parade the truck almost didn't run. It had no power and we were really worried. The motor was in bad shape and we knew it. The problems could have been a million different things and not having a shop, or even time to diagnose the problems, meant that the chances were 50/50 at best that it would drive in the parade.

The morning of the parade however, something magical happened. She ran. Not only did she run, but she ran well. For some reason, even today we don't understand, the fire truck wanted to drive in that parade and it looked amazing. Little did we know that the problems under the hood would begin to show up in a big big way...

What is the next big goal?

The Vernon Winter Carnival. We've signed up....will we make it?

Stay tuned.

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