So it hasn't run in years.....

Official First Steps toward fixing the motor

Well its has officially begun. Castanet has begun telling the world about our little project and people are getting excited about it. Today our initial Crowd funding campaign is 1/4th of the way there and growing!

Today I received a great call from Derek McPherson from Wholesale Grafix in Vernon who is going to help us with the cosmetic work on the truck in the future. What an amazing contribution from a company that cares about the community.

The long battle with the motor has begun and I can't wait to share every bump, knuckle scrape, and profane comment over the next couple of weeks in the hope of hearing the rumble of the motor again. I'm documenting everything.

We'll be down at the museum tomorrow banging and smashing the motor back to life and feel free to stop by anytime to have a look.

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