She has her voice back....

Well I didn't think we'd be doing much today. As we are all volunteers weekends tend to be tough to get the time to do extra stuff on top of family duties but as I have repeatedly learned with this project, once Mike and Pat and Candace get their minds into something they don't quit.

I get a text from Candace who advised me that they are wanting to take another stab at getting the brakes going. In fact, they were finishing up breakfast at Sister's Restaurant in Lumby and were on the way with the new master cylinder.

The old and new master cylinder

Let me tell you something, watching poor Pat all day just pumping the living heck out of the brakes while Mike was lying under the truck bleeding the air out of the lines for hours was therapeutic. Poor Pat.

Good thing it was "leg day" for Pat

The process is slow and tedious but you know what? She now has brakes!

While that was going on Candace, myself, and a couple of Lumby's fire fighters continued the process of polishing the truck.

She don't look like much yet...but just wait.

Cameron and Nick stopped by and we immediately put them to work. Firefighters are good at washing fire trucks.

Well the brakes work. The engine works. What's left to get it at the very least parade ready? How about the electrical system?

Dear God....which one is the red wire?

As you can see above there is a wee bit of a wiring problem. Ok, a HUGE wee bit of a wiring problem.

The truck though has still continues to impress. She now has her voice back.

The guys got the siren working! It's so loud!

So what did I accomplish personally over the past two days?

No rude comments!

I learned that turning on a polisher machine with the polish still on it makes one heck of a mess......

PS: I actually did this to myself like 4 times. Sheesh!

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