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New shoes thanks to Lumby Tirecraft!

Well as we're quickly approaching our December 2nd goal of driving the fire truck in the Santa Claus Parade in Lumby, I wanted to take a second and review what we've done so far and talk about the new stuff going forward...

1) We've got her heart back (engine) which as you know was quite the process.

2) We've got her legs working (transmission)

3) We've got her voice back (siren)

4) We've got her lights working

5) We've got a new exhaust installed

Now she needs new shoes....

Lumby Tirecraft has stepped up in a HUGE way to install new tires on the firetruck!

Removing and installing the new tires however is a dangerous process. When I say dangerous I really mean dangerous. Life threatening dangerous.

Split rims were a type used in the industrial vehicle industry for years and they have been known to literally explode. That's why they aren't used anymore and that's why we needed professionals to install them. Lumby Tirecraft not only stepped up to PURCHASE tires but to also install them. Once again they showcase their support for Lumby!

Lumby Tirecraft Supporting the Community!

We are so blessed to be supported by local business in Lumby.

Well the next big step was to take the truck indoors and begin to polish, and work on more of the wiring in preparation for the Santa Claus Parade December 2nd.

Speaking of wiring, I wanted to again show you exactly what we've been up against and how stunned we are that the truck hasn't burned up.

Literally the condition of most of the wires...

Mike has been removing and replacing wires as we go along and when the above picture is the norm it causes us some concern. We're really going to have to go through the entire vehicle eventually and replace all the existing wires.

Candace has begun repainting some of the basic areas of the vehicle as we've still not decided as a group whether to completely redo the entire truck professionally or keep the "vintage" look. There are pros and cons to both options and that decision will be a 2019 one.

Sideboards after paint

The Village of Lumby has stepped up and allowed us to work in their heated Public Works bay which provides us a lot more hours in the day to work on the project.

The rims were our next goal and Candace spent HOURS working on these things. Literally HOURS of scraping, cleaning, and covering herself with paint to make these rims "pop" for Santa.

New paint for Santa

What's the next steps going forward? Well we're thrilled to be in the Lumby Santa Claus Parade and will have special guests on board for the parade. We're also going to be continuing the wiring replacement project as well as looking at the pump system.

Why the pump system? Since everything else seems to be working why not try it?

We're also going to be looking into getting the proper equipment for the sides added to the vehicle and other accessories.

Thanks again to Lumby TireCraft for their support and we'll see everyone at the parade!

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