Carbs, brakes, rads, oh my!

Oh that needs fixin'

Well now that we know the truck will start and run (quasi) the next step is getting to to CONTINUE to that's the rub.

I want to once again advise that I have absolutely ZERO skill with respect to mechanical work so for those of you that do and read this....cut me some slack.

As we were trying the get the truck running we quickly discovered that the carburetor was not at all. Thank goodness we had Lou and Mike and Pat there to figure out how to cheat it into a working state.

As you can see with the photo above is that the "carb" (I can say that because I'm a fake mechanic) that needs some love. It needs A LOT of love. We had a few options with where to go with it including getting a new one, getting a used one, or fixing the current one.

Where does one go to find a rebuild kit for a very, very, very old carburetor?

Pat had to open up the BIG parts books to find something for this "Old Holly" carb.

* at no point before this adventure did I have any clue what an "Old Holly" was until now.

* I also have ZERO idea what a carburetor actually does.....

Pat was able to locate a kit that could repair the part and get it back to working order. Where did the kit come from? Edmonton. Yes, ladies and gentlemen Pat found the only repair kit that would work on this Old Holly in Edmonton. Seriously is there nothing that he can do?

I also want to point out that Gilbert's Parts Depot in Lumby has been behind the project 100 percent. They've supplied us with parts, experience, and know-how and have worked above and beyond to help us bring this truck back to life. I can't thank them enough for their support of the project and their continued support of our community year after year.

Now the carburetor is in the hands of the students of Charles Bloom Secondary School's auto shop who will get it back to new again! Stay tuned for an update once it's completed.

Where do we go from here?

1) Get the water we put in the radiator out and replace with antifreeze. Funny story? The Rad doesn't leak....(notice how I, as a fake mechanic can use the word "rad" to mean radiator?)

2) Brakes...because...well...the truck doesn't actually have the ability to stop. Like at all....

That stage of the adventure will be fun and it looks like the team will be looking at these two issues on Friday of this week. We've been so lucky to date on the functionality of the truck and hope to continue the streak going forward.

As always, stay tuned and thank you for your support of the project.

How can you help? Get it out on your social media and link to to get more eyes on the project and hopefully get the crowd funding goal growing.

SPOILER ALERT: BIG news coming in the next blog don't want to miss it.

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