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And the story grows....

Today I received an amazing gift from Ryan Cameron from the Vancouver Fire Department Archives. He provided information about the fire truck that really has helped us fill in a lot of the blanks surrounding the history of our truck.

I will let it be explained in Ryan's own words...

" I saw the photo of your 47 LaFrance, great to see it alive and glad it will be restored. It originally was ours, purchased in 1947, went into service on October 10,1947 at No.19 as shop 61. It was retired on April 18,1974 when it was bought ( best guess) by Vernon FD at the city auction. I may have documentation( purchase order,pump test and any shop records)  and will forward to you if I find them. I also have included pictures when in service with Vancouver. The ladder rack was added by VFD shops sometime in the early 50's. Your engine is a real gem as it was the first post war purchase for us and a favourite with the iconic LaFrance "modern" cab forward design. We are fortunate to have ex VFD apparatus throughout BC and are in the process of receiving back our 1961 LaFrance 900 series( in excellent shape) that was sold to Okanagan Landing upon its retirement and will be put into use as a parade/special event rig. Glad to help with any questions during  your restoration and will be great to see this old girl back looking new. Please send a few digital photos so I can add them to our archives."

Note: Vernon FD didn't purchase it, the Regional District of North Okanagan did.

1st ever photo right off the lot! courtesy Ryan Cameron

The team that loved her. Courtesy Ryan Cameron

I've a few more I'll add to future blog posts.

Thanks again to everyone for their continued interest.

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